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19- Public Administration :

 1.             Introduction - Meaning scope and significance of public administration; Private and Public Administration; Evolution of Public Administration as a discipline. 

2.             Theories and Principles of Administration - Scientific Management. Bureaucratic Model; Classical Theory; Human Relations. The Principles of Hierarchy; Unity of Command; Span of Control; Authority and Responsibility; Coordination; Delegation; Supervision and Line and staff. 

3.             Administrative Behavior : Decision Making Leadership theories, communication, Motivation. 

4.             Personnel Administration : Rule of Civil Service in developing society; Position Classification; Recruitment; Training, Promotion; Pay and Service Condition Neutrality and Anonymity.  

5.             Financial Administration : Concept of Budget; Formulation and execution of budget; Accounts and Audit. 

6.         Control over Administration : Legislative Executive and Judicial Control, Citizen and Administration.  

7.         Central Administration of India : The President; The Prime Minister ad Real Executive Central Secretariat; Cabinet Secretariat; Planning Commission; Finance Commission; Controller and Auditor General of India; Major Patterns of Public Enterprises. 

8.         Civil Service in India : Recruitment of all India and Central Services; Union Public Service Commission; Training of IAS and IPS; Generalists and specialists; Relations with the Political Executive. 

9.         State, District and Local Administration in Madhya Pradesh : Governor, Chief Minister, Secretariat; Chief Secretary, Directorates, Role of District Collector in revenue, law and order and development administration; Panchayati Raj; Urban local Government, Main Features; Structure and problem areas.  


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